Month: April 2015

Tiger Cats Assembly

Today, we had a special visit from some members of the Hamilton Tiger Cats to teach us about healthy eating and exercise. We learned how to identify foods in three different categories: “go” foods, “slow” foods and “woah” foods. 

Megan, even got to help lead a school cheer! 



And Kaleb, James’ brother got involved in the action too! 



Treasure Maps

To celebrate the end of our mapping unit, we did a fun, creative mapping activity today – making treasure maps. First, we examined treasure maps online and made a list of features of treasure maps. Then, we made our own treasure maps that included a title, compass and legend. Finally, we made them look like authentic treasure maps by dabbing them with tea bags to create an aged look. Here we are in action! 


Here is some of the finished products:


Pigsty – Point of View

Our other book this week is called “Pigsty”; it is about a boy who has a very messy room – so messy, that two pigs come to live in it! The boy’s mother wants him to clean the mess, but he doesn’t mind the mess, or the pigs! 

Yesterday in Art class, the students made paper bag puppets, choosing which character from the story they would like to make. This morning, we used our puppets to act out a debate between the mother, the boy and the pigs. Check it out! 


Duck! Rabbit! 

This week, we have been reading a great book called “Duck! Rabbit!”. The book is written from two different points of view and allows readers to hear two different perspectives on the same topic. In the book, the two voices see an animal and we get to hear their debate about what kind of animal it is.  

As a class, we discussed how sometimes our point of view can change and the reasons why it might change. Then, everyday while reading this book, the students had a chance to use a fun visual aid to show how their point of view changed as we read.


Countdown to Grade Two

This year, we counted school days until we reached the 100th day of school! Then, we began to count down to the last day of Grade One. Everyday we remove one link from our chain and then count to see how many days are left; today’s count: 40 days left! We found that 40 is the same as 4 groups of 10. 

Grade Two is right around the corner!