Month: June 2015

Welcome to Grade One!

Hello future Grade Ones! 

I am so excited to meet you all in September! We are going to have a great time learning together. Over the summer, feel free to post any questions (with mom or dad’s help) that you might have about Grade One. Just before school begins again, I will post lots of pictures of our classroom, hallway and playground, so you will know exactly what to expect when you are an official Grade Oner! 😀

Parents – Please feel free to browse our website and our posts from last year. I created it in the Spring of last year, so I am still new-ish at this. I try to post lots of pictures and information about what we are currently learning and the special events that are taking place in our classroom and school. I hope it will offer you a little glimpse into the fun and exciting world of Grade One.

Have a terrific summer! See you in September.

Mrs. Feere



Character Award Winners – June

This month, we celebrated Trustworthiness and Responsibility. Rocco earned the trustworthiness award by always being truthful and honest. James earned the responsibility award for always doing his best and completing his jobs to the best of his ability. 

Congrats Boys!!! 

Prepping for our Movie Premieres

This morning we began to prep for our movie premieres this afternoon. We spent our morning examining movie posters and identifying what features they have. Then, we designed our own posters for our movies. Finally, thanks to Rocco’s great idea, we hung our posters on the library door to resemble a real movie theatre. Check it out!




Our Grade One, “cast of characters”!


Looking forward to a terrific afternoon of popcorn, laughs and making great memories!  


Today we completed our last writing piece for our Grade One yearbooks. These yearbooks serve two major purposes: one, to document the growth and improvements in the students’ writing ability throughout the year, and two, to serve as a memory book of all the students’ favourite moments of Grade One. 

Here is a preview of some of the items in our yearbooks:


September Writing Sample


June Writing Sample


Each student has their own, unique picture page of them and their friends.


Each student wrote a brief autobiography.

I always tell the students that they will LOVE looking back at this book when they are old and wrinkly; they will show their grandchildren what life was like when they were in Grade One. I hope you and your families truly enjoy these yearbooks and cherish them for years to come! 

Tomorrow the students will have a chance to autograph one another’s yearbooks and then they will be sent home for you to enjoy!