Introduction to Probability

Today, we began our final math unit about probability. In Grade One, we learn how to identify the likelihood of events occurring. To begin, we learned the terms certain, likely, unlikely and impossible.   

To practise, we played a sorting game, in which we had to sort sentence strips into these four categories. Each student was responsible for reading a sentence and placing it in the correct category; then, as a class, we discussed each one. Here is our final result:


Certain means something will happen “for sure”.


Likely means something will “probably” happen.


Unlikely means something will “probably not” happen.


Impossible means something will “never, ever” happen.

To support your child at home, talk with them about the probability of everyday events occurring, like going to the park, brushing your teeth, eating ice cream, etc. Please encourage them to use these terms to help solidify their understanding and ensure they become a part of their mathematical vocabulary. 


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