Lemon the Duck

This week we are reading a book called “Lemon the Duck”. It is one of my favourite books of all times because it is based on a true story and has a great message about personal differences and inclusion.

The story is about a duck named Lemon that was hatched in an elementary school classroom. Lemon was born with a balance problem, which makes it difficult for him to stand up or stretch out his neck. The students in the class want to help Lemon walk so that he can swim and eat worms like the other ducks. As a class, we brainstormed ideas for how we could help Lemon. 


Rowmario, Paiton and Rocco thought they could give him “strong” (prosthetic) legs.


Sofia thought they could use a leash.


Jacob thought that exercise, like swimming, would help.


Abby thought that a cane migt help.


Claudia said that they could pick Lemon up and carry him.


Logan said that they could hold his wings and help him stand up.


Holly and Cody thought that they could put him in a basket and carry him.

After, we read the end of the story and found out that the students used a dog’s life jacket (with handles) to help Lemon walk. They also made a stand to attach the life jacket to so that Lemon could stand to eat.


On Friday we are going to check out Lemon’s official website to see photos and videos of the REAL Lemon.  Also, we are going to work together to compose an email to Lemon’s owner to ask some questions about Lemon. Hopefully we get a response before the end of the year!

Below is the link to the site… Check it out! 

Lemon the Duck Website


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