Letter from Lemon the Duck

Last week, we wrote a letter to Lemon the Duck and his owner, Laura, after reading a book about their heartwarming story. In our letter, we explained how the story taught us that people can overcome differences and difficulties by approaching challenges in unique and innovative ways. In our letter we also posed several questions that we had about Lemon, such as:

  • Where does Lemon sleep?
  • Does Lemon still see his brothers and sisters?  
  • Where is Lemon’s favourite place to play?
  • Does Lemon ever get to go out for dinner?

Tonight, I received a response that I will share with the students tomorrow morning. They will be sooo excited!!! Here is a sneak peak:

Dear Mrs. Feeres Flock,


Lemon and I are so eggcited that you enjoyed the story! Children are such powerful people and Lemon loves children . ..she thinks they are her ducklings.

To answer your questions ….

Lemon sleeps right next to me in a dog bed made up just for her with towels and a special pillow. Ducks sleep with their flock and I am part of Lemon’s flock.

Lemon does not see her siblings anymore because in real life they went to live with one of my student’s family and that student has grown up (Lemon is 9 years old now) and moved. Lemon prefers people mostly anyway because she is an imprinted duck which means she either thinks she’s a human or thinks humans are ducks. 

Lemon’s favorite place to play outside is swimming in the river with me behind our house or in the Saco river in NH on vacation.

I do bring Lemon to dinner with me and my family when we go to places where you can eat outside. She has been invited to several indoor dining places but usually only service animals are allowed inside restaurants . She does love to eat outside with me on my back deck overlooking the water too.

Thanks for looking at Lemon’s website . I plan to update it this summer with some new pictures and videos.

Have a Quacktastic summer!

Quacks ,  

Lemon and Laura


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