Month: August 2015

Word Work

In Kindergarten, students learn many high frequency words that we often refer to as “Popcorn Words”. In Grade One, we review these words and then begin to learn more high frequency words that we see when reading and need when writing. Each week students will record three “words of the week” in their agendas. At school, we will practise reading and writing these words daily, in a game-like format during word work time. Please practise reading and writing these words with your child at home. 

During the first few weeks of school your child will get a chance to sit with me and complete the “Popcorn Word Challenge”. This activity gives me a chance to see which popcorn words the students (individually and as a whole) need to review from Kindergarten. Here is a list of popcorn words that you can practise with your child at home. 



Grade One Reading

Grade One is a BIG year for little readers; for most, it is a time when they solidify their knowledge of letters, sounds and word patterns and begin to develop a sense of independence through reading. Throughout the year students will learn several reading strategies they can use when they are “stuck”. 

These strategies are posted in our classroom and are reviewed and referred to often. A copy of these reading strategies can be found in your child’s Home Reading Log (which will be sent home the second week of school).

Goodbye Summer!

I hope that everyone has had a spectacular summer. For me, it ends in only a few days. Next week, I will be back in school organizing, cleaning, labelling and preparing the classroom for my new friends. I am very excited to learn all about you and what you did over the summer. Here is a little bit about what I did this summer:

This summer was a great one! My daughter, Ava turned Two at the end of July and we celebrated with a Minnie Mouse themed party. She also moved into a “big girl” bed and we redecorated her room…. with Minnie, of course! She has begun to chat non-stop, learned how to swim in her Papa’s pool and is becoming very independent, telling everyone “No, mine-self!”.

My husband, Shawn, Ava, Ruby (our dog) and I also visited the cottage a few times and despite some rainy, cool weather, we had a blast! I love to water ski and swim in the lake on a hot day. When it’s rainy, I like to play cards and Candy Crush on my iPad (I became VERY addicted to that game this summer). 

Although summer was a blast, I am really looking forward to getting back to school and beginning a new year and a new adventure with you. 
Stay tuned for more posts next week, including a tour of our classroom and important places in our school. See you soon!

Mrs. Feere