Month: September 2015

Alphabet Books

This week, we are exploring a variety of alphabet books. Each day, we read an alphabet book and discuss its features. By the end of the week, we plan to make our own Back to School alphabet book to add to our classroom library. 

Today, we began to brainstorm school words for each letter of the alphabet. 

Check back for more about our alphabet book soon! 


Toad-ally Cool Visit

This morning our class got a special invitation to visit Mrs Kalman’s Grade 1/2 class to see Logan’s pet toad. Logan and his dad showed us Carson, the toad, and we asked lots of great questions to learn more about toads. We learned that toads breathe using the bumps in their backs, they eat live crickets and they like to sleep in cool, dark moss. 

Thank you to Mrs Kalman’s class and Logan for this “toad-ally” cool experience!


Word Work Centers

This afternoon, we had our first word work centre period. To begin, we discussed behaviour expectations for word work time and made a list of guidelines. 

Then, we brainstormed ideas for words that we could spell using the word work tools.  

Here we are in action!


Magnet Letters


Alphabet Necklaces


White Boards


Alphabet Puzzles


100 Days of Math

In Grade One we count the days until the 100th day of school and then have a HUGE celebration. Each day in Math we have a warm-up activity that corresponds with the day’s number; these activities help us to get our “Math Brains” ready. Here was our warm up task for Day 6:

When it was announced that we were using Playdoh for Math today, the class erupted with excitement… I have to admit, that I was pretty excited too! 

Here are some pictures of us in action.


Highlights Magazine Forms

Today, your child will bring home a Highlights Magazine subscription form. Highlights magazine is a fabulous magazine for kids filled with puzzles, games, short stories and poems. 

Our class needs your help! For every form we receive back (even ones declining the subscription) we earn really cool prizes for our classroom. In the past, my class has earned building blocks, game buzzers and math tools and activities. 

PLEASE complete and return the form by Thursday, September 17, so that we can select and order our prize(s).

Thank you!

Mrs. Feere’s Class