Month: November 2015

Mapping Introduction

In Grade One Social Studies we are beginning a new unit on Mapping. Today, the students had a chance to brainstorm what they already know about maps. They also made lists of all the things that they would like to learn about maps.

Here we are at work.

After, we compiled a list of all of our “knows” and “want to knows”.



Character Award Winner

Today we had an assembly to celebrate our character award winners. This month, we celebrated Courage. Congratulations to Paiton for winning the award in our class! Paiton always tries her best and responds positively to challenges. She demonstrates bravery every day in class by taking academic risks, like trying new reading strategies and using new learning tools. 

Way to go Paiton!!!


Fire Safety Presentation

Today we had a visit from some community helers for a fire safety presentation. We learned about the protective gear that a fire fighter wears, like boots, pants, jacket, helmet and mask.


In the event of a fire, we learned that we need to get low and go to the exit.   

We also learned about how and when to call 911. We learned that we need to call 911 in emergency situations only. If our house is on fire, we need to get low and go, then we go to another “safe” location to call 911. 

It is important to make a fire safety plan with your family; your plan should include escape routes and safe meeting locations (like a neighbour’s house). This conversation may be a good topic for tonight’s dinner table! 😀