Back in Action!

I’m back!!! We have lots to catch up on!

Here is a brief overview on what we are working on in class. I will post more day-to-day activities and information as we go. 


This week, we are finishing up our learning cycle that focused on Making Predictions. Student learned how to use their schema and textual information to make predictions that “make sense”. We will revisit making predictions several times throughout the year to review this reading comprehension strategy.

Next week, we will begin to learn how to visualize when reading. More information about how you can help your child at home will be posted in the coming weeks.


Today we began our Data Managment unit in which students learn how to use tally marks to collect data, as well as how to read and create bar and pictographs. 


The Grade 1s are finishing up their unit on Energy this week. Next week, we will begin to learn about different Materials in our environment. 

The Grade 2s are continuing to learn about Air and Water with Mrs Kalman.

I hope this helps to clarify where we are in our learning journey! Please check back often for updates and photo documentation of our learning.


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