Literacy Centers

Twice a week, students participate in literacy centers that are designed to help them practise their reading and writing skills. During this time, students visit one of five centers: word work, computers, library, language games and writing. 
 The centers are changed bi-weekly, so that the activities reflect the skills that we are learning in class. Here is a glimpse of our current centers.
At the Library Center students use puppets to act out their favourite stories from our class library.  

At the Computer Center students use the iPad to play reading and writing games. 

At the Word Work Center, students challenge one another to a contest to see who can write the most words beginning with the letters “g”, “l” and “t”. They did a great job using the word wall and other classroom tools to find words!

At the Language Games Center, students play “school” and take turns being the teacher, testing students ability to read high frequency word flash cards.   This group even used their knowledge of tally marks to keep score!  

At the Writing Center, student work together to make predictions about a silly cat picture. They predict where the cat is, what he is doing and how he will react afterwards. They use pictures and words to record their predictions.   


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