Eddie Longpants

This week, our book is Eddie Longpants. It is a story about a very tall boy who is made fun of because he is different. 

To introduce the book, I read the title aloud and asked students to visualize the main character (Eddie) using the clues in his name. Then, I asked students to explain their visualization. We identified that it is helpful to say “he is as tall as a _____” instead of saying “he is big” because we can use of schemas about other tall items to create our visualization. 

Next, students created there own sentence to explain how tall Eddie Longpants might be. 

Finally, we did a quick word study about some new vocabulary that we will find in the book: insults, ignore, “heavy heart”, clamor. We defined these words and used them to predict what might happen in the story. Our prediction is that Eddie Longpants will be made fun of because he is so tall. This prediction lead to a discussion about differences and how we should be accepting of each others’ differences. 

To further consolidate this message (it’s okay to be different) the students completed a likes and dislikes page that we used to compare our preferences with our friends. We discovered that we like to see, hear, taste, touch and smell different things from our friends and we also dislike different things from our friends. 



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