Tools for Graphing

Today, the students were given some different tools and told to experiment with how they could make a graph using the tools. One group chose rods to work with. They started by making labels for the graph of different colours that students could vote for as their favourite. 

Then they began to ask their peers to vote for their favourite colour. At first, they made a pile of each colour rod to show the number of votes.

I asked if they could tell me which colour was the most popular. The students found that answering this question was quite a challenge as they tried to count and remember each colour. I told them to think about what we have learned about graphs and to see if there is a better way to present the information so that we can easily see the winner by just looking. This is what they came up with:

We also noted that we had to put the rods on their sides or the graph would not be correct, as all the rods are different lengths. 


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