Exploring Adjectives

Today we learned about adjectives. We learned that adjectives are describing words to explain how something looks, feels, smells, sounds or tastes. 

To begin our lesson, I asked every student to visualize a dog. Then, I asked the students to explain their visualization. We found that all of our visualization were different.  After, I asked them to visualize a red, short, fluffy dog, with floppy ears and a long tail. This time when we discussed our visualizations we all described very similar mental images (similar to Clifford, our class dog).

Adjectives are helpful to use when we explain our visualizations to others. We have added the “use adjectives” key to our keys to succeed board. 

To help us use adjectives when writing, we created lists of different adjectives that we can use for sight, taste, smell, sound and touch. We will hang the finished papers in our room so we can use them as resources when writing our visualizations.



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