Month: December 2015

Caring Award Winner

Congratulations to Armann for winning our Caring award at our assembly this month. Armaan is always thoughtful and mindful of others’ feelings. He helps others when they are hurt or sad and loves to help his classmates celebrate their successes by saying “Good job!”. Way to go Armaan!



Good-bye Winston!

Today, Winston left us his final note and gifts.

Last night he headed back to the North Pole… Luckily, our caretaker was able to snap a quick picture of him as he left.
Good-bye Winston! Thank you for weeks of excitement, fun and magic!

Winston Wrap-Up

Last night Winston was busy wrapping presents for our class.


When we opened our presents, we discovered that he just wrapped up things from around the room, like the pencil bins, stuffed animals, homework bags, the phone, the special helper chair and even the faucet and soap dispenser!!! It was very funny! 

Elf Trap Results

This morning, we found that our elf traps did not work. Winston did get caught in some, long enough to enjoy the bait, but then managed to escape…. must be his magical powers; we didn’t account for that! 

After he escaped, he made a warning sign for other elves and roped off our classroom.

Once we entered, we found that he had left us this note. 

And we found his trail.


Then, Mrs. Feere found this note on her desk from the caretaker.


We will have to listen carefully today, to see if we can hear the giggling.

Building an Elf Trap

Yesterday Kadyn suggested that we build a trap to catch Winston. So, today, we discussed what would make a good elf trap and brainstormed ideas for elf bait. Then, we divided into groups and built traps to try to catch Winston. 

Here are our finished traps:

The students demonstrated great creativity and ingenuity! I was really impressed with the designs. Let’s hope they work!