Month: January 2016

Teaching Responsibility to Others

Today in Grade One Social Studies, we finished our unit about responsibility. First, we read a book about how to help the world.

  Now that we are responsibility experts we thought we should share our knowledge with others. We decided to create a similar book for the Kindergarten students. We wrote the book to teach the kindergartens about responsibility and to give them ideas on how to demonstrate responsibility.


To create the book, we used all of the charts that we created throughout the unit so that we had a wide range of ideas in our book. We included ways to be responsible at home and at school. 

 Then, we made a special delivery to Mrs. Williams’s class. We hope they enjoy the book and learn lots from it! 



January Award Winner

Congratulations to Holly for winner our respect award at this month’s character assembly. Holly demonstrates respect for her peers, her teachers and for our classroom every day. Way to go Holly!

Holly’s brother, Kyler, also won! What a respectful family!


Reading Train Update

Keep up the great reading at home! Our train stretches over more than half the room!

Don’t forget to record all books read at home… Library books, LLI books, etc.

After March break, we will assess our progress and determine our end of year goal. Start thinking of some class rewards that you might suggest if we reach our goal. 

We are ALL responsible to TEACH!

Today in Grade One Social Studies, we learned that it is everyone’s responsibility to teach… Not just teachers. We learned that we play an important role in others’ lives by teaching our younger siblings, friends and family things like how to build a tower, how to read the word “play” or how to sing our favourite song. 

Here are some examples of what we have taught others.