“Head” Questions

Today, we learned how to identify the depth of our questions by labelling them as “hand, heart or head” questions. Our lovely model, Hannah, helped us to identify the location of her hand, heart and head. We realized that our hands are located lowest on our bodies, our hearts are in the middle and our heads are on top. I told that students that this helps us to see the level of our questions – hand questions are the lowest form of questions and head questions are the “deepest” and most thoughtful. 

To solidify our new learning, we closely examined Hand Questions today. 

To practise, each student was given a sticky note and asked to write one “before reading” question using the title and picture from our Shared Reading for the week. The students’ goal was to ask a “hand” question that they think will be answered explicitly in the text.

Then we put our sticky notes on the Q chart. 

We noticed that most of our sticky notes were in the same area. This lead to a discussion about how we can use the Q chart to ask better questions. The Q chart is designed so that deeper, more thoughtful questions are located in the bottom, right corner; as you move right and down on the chart, your questions become more thoughtful. 

Stay tuned for more about “heart and head questions” and the Q chart!


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