Month: February 2016

Measuring Dog Yards

Today in Math, the students continued to explore the concept of measuring area. We started by learning about a “pooch problem”… Some dogs were arguing over whose yard was largest. 

First, we used our eyes to “measure” and estimate. We all had different guesses about whose yard was largest. 

Next the students selected a tool to use for measuring the area of the yards. 

After, we compared answers. We found that although we all found Rusty’s to be the largest, our measurements were all different… But why? Riley said that it was because we all used different tools. Hannah said that when you use small tools you need more than if you to measure with big tools. We did a demonstration to show the concept for visual learners. During the demonstration, we noticed that the small tool took a lot LONGER too. 



Acceptance Award

Congratulations to Sadie for winning the Acceptance award at February’s character awards assembly. Sadie demonstrates acceptance by including everyone in games and activities on the playground and in the classroom, despite their differences. Thanks for being a great friend Sadie! 


Transforming Environments

On Friday, I posted some pictures of how I transformed our learning environment using the physical space and furniture.  Over the weekend I worked on some things that I hope with further transform this environment into one that fosters student inquiry, engagement and learning. Here is a sneak peak of what the students will be introduced to today.

 “I’m done… Now what?”… A teachers’ most dreaded question! This poster will help the students identify activities they can do once their independent work is complete.

Each week, the students have a different tool to use for “word work”. This week, the students can use chalk and chalkboards to practise spelling the words of the week or words related to our current learning. 

I once saw the idea to use a filing cabinet for magnet letter word work on Pinterest, then I saw the Boggle idea and decided… Why not do both?!?! At this center, the students can try to create words using the letters on the Boggle board. 

At the Math Minds Center, students can explore and practise a variety of mathematical concepts using the tools provided. This week, the students can use marshmallows and coloured tiles to measure the length, width, area or perimeter of the bunny feet.


Room Remodel

Today I came in extra early to do something that I have been wanting to do for a LONG time! Our class is getting two new students on Monday, so what better time to reorganize and move furniture than now! I can’t wait to see the students’ reactions on Monday. Check out our new spaces.


View from the Door


Our Word Wall is FULLY ACCESSIBLE now!


Guided Reading and Writing Table, Near our Word Wall and Literacy Board


Cozy Reading Corner


Making Use of the Magnetic Filing Cabinet


A Poster of our Reading Strategies posted in our Reading Corner


Life Cycle of a Frog

Today in Grade One Science we learned about the life cycle of a frog. We listened to a song that taught us about the stages of the life cycle and some other interesting facts. Here a link to the video. 

Froggy Froggy
After, we made a diagram to document our learning. We used picture and words to help us remember the different stages of a frog’s life cycle.