Win-“tear” Art

I’m Today in Visual Art, we discussed winter and our favourite things to do in the snow. I told the students that my favourite part of winter is the chance to have a snow day! We all agreed that our winter weather this year has brought disappointing amounts of snow. We are hoping that our art projects today will motivate Mother Nature to bring us some snow!!!

To begin, we brainstormed some activities that we like to do in the snow.

Then, I showed students my win-“tear” picture. I created a picture of me doing my favourite winter activity – building a snowman. 

The students noticed that my picture was all “fuzzy”. I told the students that I used a special tool to create this picture: my hands. Instead of using scissors to cut out the shapes,  I used my hands to tear out the shapes. I asked the students to brainstorm reasons why I might have chosen to use this technique. Kadyn guessed it was because snowman are not perfect shapes. Holly guessed it was because clothing is fuzzy. Brady guessed it was because things look fuzzy in snow storms. All true! 

After our discussion, the students created their own win-“tear” art pictures depicting their favourite winter activities. 



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