Measuring MUSTs

Today in Math we reviewed our learning from yesterday and created a chart to help us remember some important rules for measuring using non-standard units.


For today’s measuring activity, each group had to measure a piece of string using 3 different non-standard tools. First the students had to estimate the number of paper clips, cubes and crayons it might take to measure the string. Some groups used visualizing to estimate; others used their fingers to “guesstimate”.


After, students used the tools to find the actual measurements. They were encouraged to use the chart to ensure that they were measuring with accuracy. 

Finally, we had a great discussion about how the tools compared. We discussed which tool was best and why. We also discussed how the measurements with each tool compared. We found that it took fewer crayons than cubes. Hannah said that this was because crayons are a larger measuring tool.   


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