Naming Art

Today in Visual Art, we learned that “real” artists name their works of art; because we are on our way to becoming budding artists, we practised naming famous works of art.

To begin, we reviewed our learning from earlier in the year about the elements of design.


We decided that we should use these concepts and terms when assessing works of art and discussing our likes and dislikes. 

As a class, we examined the following work of art.

We discussed our likes and dislikes, related to the elements of design. Then we brainstormed possible titles for the art. We discussed that the title must relate to the art, just like a book title relates to the events of the book. 


After, students worked in groups to examine another famous work of art. After, we shared our likes, dislikes and title suggestions with the class. Then, we learned the real names of the art.



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