Spicing Up Shared Reading

This week, I created and introduced a new activity ring to help spice up our shared reading. 

The purpose of this activity ring is to give us ideas for ways to read a poem or short story in new, creative and sometimes silly ways. Each week, we learn how to read a poem or short story together as a class. By the end of the week, we practise reading the poem fluently, using all the punctuation to guide our tone and voice. To have some fun at the end of the week (once we have gained familiarity with the text) we can use these cards to select a different way to read the text.

Today, we read this week’s poem in two ways:

The students loved it! You can try this same idea at home when reading with your child; take turns reading sentences in silly or dramatic ways.



    1. Hi Summer,
      I found the printable on Pinterest… Can’t remember where. Good news: it was free! If you have problems finding it, let me know and I can try to help.


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