Month: April 2016

Vacation for iPads

The iPads at Lawfield are being sent on a “rejuvenating vacation” in which they will get a few days of pampering and time to work themselves… 

…in actuality, the iPads are being reimaged so the students can have access to the best educational apps and tools. 

While the iPads are gone I will be unable to take pictures of the students’ learning and to post on the blog. I expect to be “back online” late next week. 


Bird’s Eye View

Today, in Grade One Social Studies, we did an activity in which we compared objects using side view and bird’s eye view. The students learned a little about bird’s eye view last week and how it is used to create maps. 

We began by examining an object from its side view.


The students described what they could see and I recorded their description using a picture. 


After, the students stood up and examined the object from a bird’s eye view. 


Again the students described to me what they saw and a drew a picture to match their description. 


After, we repeated the activity with a different object. 


Finally, the students had the opportunity to try the activities with different objects from around the room. The students recorded their observations using a chart. Here are some examples:


Learning About Symbols

Today, in Grade One Social Studies, the students learned about symbols in their environment. We began by taking a tour of the school, looking for symbols and identifying their meaning. 



After, we examined symbols that we see at home and in our community. 


Then, we brainstormed reasons why symbols are used instead words.

Moving forward, the students will use this knowledge to create symbols for maps (and map legends) of familiar environments.