Month: May 2016

Time to Accessorize!

Today we accessorized our Tear Art Ducks that we made a few weeks ago. The students were encouraged to choose a “theme” or character and design accessories for their duck. Here are the final products:


One Minute Please! 

Today, we examined an analogue clock and discussed what we noticed about it. 

Abby noticed that when the “black hand” moved one space when the”red hand” (the minute hand) went around the clock one time. The students also noticed that the little lines represented minutes on the clock. 

After, we discussed the concept of one minute and what activities we could do in one minute. 


This morning we did one of my favourite literacy activities! 

To begin, I showed students a strange picture and asked them to describe it. 

We worked together to record some sentences about the picture.

After, each student got their own strange picture to write about.

Next, we gathered together to share our pictures with one another. Then I told students that I was going to read some sentences aloud to them; each sentence matched one of the pictures, so they needed to listen carefully and tell me if they thought that the sentence matched their picture. 

As we were matching the pictures, some students noticed that they had heard some of these sentences before, like “my nose is running”. After we matched all the pictures to the sentences I explained to students that the sentences were idioms – phrases that we say but don’t literally mean; the pictures were the literal meaning of the sentences – what someone who doesn’t understand the idiom might visualize. 

Finally, we read the book that the pictures were taken from: Parts by Tedd Arnold.

Measuring Time with Non-Standard Unit

Today we discussed different ways to measure time like clocks, the sun and counting. After, we practised how to measure time using counting and clapping/stomping/tapping. 

We had to focus on maintaining a steady beat while counting. To help your child at home, have them practise “timing” you complete a task using claps or taps while counting. 

Celebrating Our “Best Parts”

This week, the students have been working on using the writing process to create a finished piece of writing that will be displayed. The writing process includes brainstorming ideas, drafting, editing and revising and finally, publishing. 

For this writing piece, each student selected their “best part” – a part of their body they like the most; the students then wrote about why they liked this part and why it was important to them. This writing activity was inspired by a book we read called The Best Part of Me.  

Here are the students’ finished pieces.