Introduction to Inferring

This week, the students were introduced to our new reading comprehension strategy – inferring.

We read Amelia Bedelia, a story about a woman who often misinterprets information. 

In the story, Amelia Bedelia is hired as a housekeeper and is left a list of tasks to complete. Unfortunately, Amelia does not infer the meaning of the tasks correctly and causes some problems in the home. 

When asked to dust the furniture, she puts dust on the furniture.

When asked to dress the chicken, she puts clothes on it.

And when asked to draw the curtains, she literally draws a picture of them.

The students loved reading this silly story! After they were eager to learn more about inferring so they didn’t end up like Amelia Bedelia.

Also this week, we read Miss Nelson is Missing

The story is about a nice teacher who teaches a class of rude and poorly behaved students. One day, Miss Nelson goes missing and a mean teacher comes in to take her place. At the end of the story, the students learn to appreciate Miss Nelson’s kind demeanour. The story ends with a great opportunity for students to infer.

The students practised using their schemas and text clues to infer Miss Nelson’s secret. 

Most students were able to identify that Miss Nelson was the “witch” (Miss Swamp), but some had trouble explaining how they were able to infer that information. Riley was able to explain that he knew Miss Nelson was Miss Swamp because Miss Nelson had a black dress in her closet (just like the one Miss Swamp wore). 

In the coming weeks, the students will continue to practise using their inferring skills to find meaning and “solve mysteries” in a variety of texts. 


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