Month: June 2016

Minute to Win It – Go Fish!

Today’s Minute to Win It challenge is Go Fish! 

For this challenge, the students must use a paper plate to fan the fish from the “ocean” to the “cove”. The student that fans the most fish in 60 seconds wins!

Here are some snapshots of the fun!

During Round 1 our class helper Sera recorded the results. Then, the highest ranking fishermen participated in a final championship round. 

In the finals, Holly got all 5 fish in the cove in 30 seconds! I would post pictures, but it happened so fast that I blinked and missed it. Congratulations Holly! 



Today the students completed their yearbooks. These yearbooks are a wonderful keepsake for students as they contain all of their favourite memories from this year. 

Each month the students wrote a Story of the Month about their favourite event. It is so neat to see how much the students’ writing has improved throughout the year! 

Each students’ yearbook also includes a picture collage of some of their photo memories with their friends. 

Today the students added the final two pages to their yearbooks. First, an About the Author page similar to those we have read this year about some of favourite fiction authors.

Second, an Autograph Page on which their friends could write positive messages and farewells. 

Minute to Win It – Face the Cookie

Today we did our first of a series of “Minute to Win It” challenges. 

For this challenge, the students had to place a cookie on their forehead and try to guide the cookie to their mouth using only their facial muscles. The students had only 60 seconds to try to accomplish this task. We used on official “minute to win it” online timer to measure the time. 

This task proved to be hilarious for participants and spectators! Four students actually managed to accomplish this task. Congratulations to Andrew, Riley, Hayden and Xander.