Month: September 2016

Learning About Being Mindful

Today we did some mindful listening.

We found it amazing how much we could hear when the room was quiet!

After, we discussed what it meant to be mindful and did a sorting activity to identify examples of mindful and unmindful behaviours. 


Literacy Centers

Today we had our first round of literacy Centers. Before we began we created a list of expectations or guidelines that we should remember while we work. 

Then we learned how to read the schedule chart.

After, students got to work on their Fall/Halloween themed centers.

Base Ten Blocks

Today, in Math, our learning goal was to use base ten blocks to read and represent numbers. 

We began by identifying the two types of blocks and their values.

Then, as a class we looked at some number representations and worked together to identify the values. 

Zara noticed that when we write the value, the first number matches the number of tens and the second number matches the number of ones. We wondered if it would always be that way. So we broke into group to test our discovery. 

After, we came together and realized that our discovery was always true. Next, we used our learning to do the reverse – students tried to use the base ten blocks to represent given numbers.

Adding a Key to Succeed

Today we learned about another Key to Succeed for making predictions. 

We practised using text clues to identify the main character in our shared reading poster. Yesterday, the students predicted that the main character was a little kid because they talked about sitting on their dad’s shoulder (and usually kids do that). Today we gathered more information as we read and discovered that Cailtin is not sitting on her dad’s shoulder this year, so she must be the little girl that looks sad.