Home Reading Program

Today we will begin our home reading program. Each Monday, students will bring home two books that are “at their level” which means they can read them independently or with little support. Please encourage your child to read these books every night; reading the same book multiple times helps students build reading fluency and overall confidence. At the end of the week, please help your child to complete the reading log, recording the book title only once, despite the number of times the book was read. Please feel free to and respond to the books by commenting on likes, dislikes, difficulty, etc. 

Home Reading Logs will be due every Monday (or Tuesday after a holiday Monday). On this day students will be awarded a  “train car” for every 5 books read. Our goal is to have our reading train stretch all the way around our classroom. Special “train cars” are awarded to 50 and 100 books read. In addition, when a student has read 100 books they get to choose a book from our prize bin to keep. 

Students are encourage to record all books that they read at home in their reading log; this can include library books, home books or LLI books. 

Happy reading!


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