Month: October 2016

Introduction to Materials

Today, in Science, we started to learn about materials. To introduce the unit, I told students that I was planning to open a store and I needed help sorting items onto the shelves. 

Hailey was the first to volunteer and to my surprise, she immediately started sorting the items by materials. After, we created labels for the shelves.

Then, we brainstormed other items made out of these materials. 

Venn Diagrams

Today, in Math, we reviewed how to use a Venn diagram to sort data. The data we used today was our shoes! The students learned that you can sort items based on two sorting rules, using the middle space as a spot to place items that satisfy BOTH sorting rules. For example, we sorted our footwear into “boots” and “black”; some footwear were black boots, so they got placed in the middle because they satisfied both criteria.