Month: November 2016

Exploring Pattern Blocks

Today we used pattern blocks to create holiday pictures. Some templates were easier, because it showed us which shapes to use; others were more challenging because we had to figure out which shapes fit well together, leaving no gaps.


Improving our Writing Month by Month

Today is the last day of November, so the students worked on their Story of the Month which is a recount of their favourite part of November. To begin, we brainstormed events that occurred in November.

Before writing, the students looked at their October stories to see what they could improve upon this month.

Then each student picked a goal for their writing this month and used a sticky note to document it. 

Sorting 2-D Shapes

Today the students were paired up to apply their sorting knowledge to 2-D shapes. 

First, the pairs needed to examine a page of 2-D shapes. Then, they needed to create a sorting rule that they could use to sort the shapes. After, they labeled the paper with their sorting rule and began to place the shapes into groups. 

Here are our sorts:

Mindful Tasting

Today we reviewed mindful seeing and mindful smelling by investigating a marshmallow.

Then we practised mindful tasting. The students learned to focus in the texture and taste of the food in their mouth, before biting down on it. 

I challenged the students to teach their families how to do mindful tasting tonight at dinner.