Month: January 2017


Now that we are half way through the year and have accumulated a fair amount of words on our word wall, I decided it’s time to teach the students one of my favourite games.

To play, students are divided into teams; teams take turns choosing a stick from the cup and reading the sight word. If the word is read correctly, the team earns a point; if it is read incorrectly the stick is put back and no point is earned. 

If a BAZINGA is chosen, then the team loses all points. 

We played two rounds today – boys vs. girls. 

Congrats to the girls for winning round 1 and the boys for winning round 2.  Special shoutout to the boys for great sportsmanship, as they shook hands with the girls and said “good game”. Tomorrow – tie breaker!


Introduction to Subtraction

Today we began by discussing what we already know about subtraction. I was very impressed with the students’ ability to explain their thinking and provide examples to help us all understand.

After, we learned how to use a rekenrek to help us subtract.

We did some practise questions and Hailey modelled how find the difference for some students who were struggling. Thanks Hailey! Maybe I can catch a nap during Math one day… 😀