Our First STEM Challenge

Today, the Grade Ones participated in their first STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) challenge. 

In pairs, the students worked cooperatively to devise a plan and complete the task.

It was so interesting to hear the words of encouragement the students gave each other as well as to see how to see how they helped one another to persevere through this challenge. The room was abuzz with excitement the whole time!

During the challenge, some interesting learning took place as Mia noticed that our timer had a coloured visual (red circle) that helped us understand how much of our time we had used and how much was left. 

When the timer went off we compared our chains to see whose was longest. 

Congratulations to Zara, Nurya and Ronya! We discussed what characteristics made their chain most successful, such as using long, thin chain links. 

After, Asher wondered if we could reach from one side of the room to the other if we connected all the chains together.  We worked as a class to answer his inquiry. 

We learned that we could not stretch from one side to the other, but we were really close. Then, Braxton wondered how many links there were altogether. He counted them by ones to find out. 

I can’t believe how much learning happened in 30 minutes with this seemingly simple task – time, measurement, counting, not to mention teamwork, perseverance, planning and revising plans, etc. 

We plan to do one STEM challenge each week for the rest of the year. Stay tuned for more excitement!


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