Mind Up with Goldilocks

Today we read Goldilocks and the Three Bears. After we identified Goldilock’s Mindful and Unmindful behaviours.

We noticed that Goldilocks was using her amygdala when she woke up, got scared by the bears and jumped out the window. Goldilocks could have gotten really hurt! We learned that Goldilocks should have calmed herself so her prefrontal cortex could take over and make a more mindful choice. 

We practised some ways to calm ourselves, such as deep breathing, counting to ten or taking a walk. Calin showed us another way – tracing our fingers. To do this, you use your index finger on one hand to trace around fingers in your other hand. 

Thanks Calin! We plan to try to use these strategies in the coming days when we feel scared, angry or frustrated. 


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