Author: lfeere

Happy Summer!

Today is the day that we have to hand in our iPads for summer inventory, which means that this will be my last blog post of the school year. I want to thank everyone for a great year of fun, discovery and learning. I have really enjoyed getting to know this school community and I appreciate your patience as I navigated my way through a new school and it’s routines. I hope you have a terrific summer! See you in September. 

Mrs. Feere


Minute To Win It – Day 3

We tracked how many seconds were left on the clock after each participant completed the challenge.

Our winners, Braxton and Asher competed in a bonus round to see who could knock down the most cups.

Congrats to Braxton for knocking down 7 of the 12 cups!

Minute To Win It – Nose Dive

We tracked the number of seconds left after each contestant completed the task:

Congratulations to Nurya for completing the challenge the quickest. Skyler came in second place. We decided the play a bonus round in which our winners tried to move as many cotton balls as they could in one minute.

Nurya moved 17 and Skyler moved 12. Way to go champs!