Our Classroom

Introduction to Integrity

Our character trait this month is Integrity. 

In the story we learned that everyone walks around with an invisible bucket. We learned that when our buckets are full we feel happy, but when our buckets are empty we feel sad.

Each time a students does something kind for a friend, they will place a cube in their friend’s bucket to help full it.  On Thursday, we will check our buckets to see how much integrity our class has shown this week. 

We brainstormed a list of ways to be “bucket fillers” to help us get started.

Christmas Collaboration

Today we continued reading our book for this week.

We read until the part when Moose was decorating his house.

After, I presented the students with a box and asked them how we could work together to decorate it, just like Moose decorated his house. The students had great ideas of things we could do to the box and items we could use. So we set off to work!

I was so impressed with the patience, collaboration and team work that I witnessed. The students did a great job sharing their ideas, listening to others and making compromises. 

Our house is a work in progress… The students want to continue to add to it in the coming weeks.