Social Studies

Comparing Community Helpers

Today we used PebbleGo to help us learn more about two different helpers. We identified the similarities and differences between these helpers and recorded them on a Venn diagram. 

After, students used the iPads to do the same activity with two helpers of their choice. 

If you could only see and hear how quiet, focused and engaged all the students are right now!


Future City Planners

Asher challenged some friends to a “city building competition”. Four of his friends made cities and then Asher rated them out of ten to determine a winner. The students used map legends and map pieces to create a city with roads, ponds, houses, trees and a variety of commercial buildings. 

Treasure Hunt

Today we read this story.

The story was about a sheep that found a treasure map and followed it to find a special treasure. After reading the students learned that we were going to go on a treasure hunt. Our job was to follow clues and plot our path around the school on a school map. 

We visited many different classroom and important rooms in the school. Each room we visited gave us a clue. Our job was to look at the map and find the most direct route to our next destination. 

At the end of our treasure hunt, we were lead back to our classroom where we found a treasure!

Responsibility Wrap Up

Our learning about responsibility has culminated in the creation of a book that we plan to share with the Kindergarten classes. After all of our learning, we feel that we have become experts on the topic. Our hope is that we can share our expertise and teach the “kindies” ways to be responsible at home and at school.

Here are the little nuggets of wisdom we plan to share.