Tips for Parents

More 3-D Figures

Today we examined these 3-D figures by counting their faces, edges and corners. Then we found examples of them in our school. 

To help your child at home, encourage them to find other examples of 3-D shapes in the house or community. 


Reading Strategy

This week, we are focusing on using Flippy Dolphin when we are stuck on a word. When using this strategy, students try to use both sounds that the vowel makes (short and long) to see if they can sound out a word that makes sense.

Encourage your child to try both vowel sounds when they are sounding out words at home. 

Using Tally Marks

This week in Math we are learning how to use and read tally marks. Yesterday, we started by playing a Mystery Person game, in which we tracked the number of questions needed to identify the mystery person.

Today we reviewed how to use tally marks and then the students had the opprotunity to count different items in the room using tally marks. 

You can help your child at home by encouraging them to count items at home using tally marks. Don’t forget to group the tally marks into groups of five!

“Bumping Up” Our Work

Today, the students will be making a written prediction about a text that we will read this week. When students make predictions, they are encouraged to remember the following Keys to Succeed:

Tomorrow, your child’s written prediction will be sent home with a feedback sheet attached. The feedback will be discussed with your child in class.

This feedback is meant to help identify which key they need to work on most in order to “bump up” (improve) their work. Please review the feedback with your child and help them practise using the key over the next two weeks. You can make predictions with anything from storybooks to television shows to movies. Have fun making predictions and then checking to see if you or your child were right!

Math Talk

Today we did our first Math Talk. Before beginning, we discussed how Math is everywhere around us. I explained to students that we will be learning about many different things in Math this year like shapes, numbers, patterns, etc. After, I showed the class this picture.

Then, I asked the class to tell me their Math thinking.

I noticed that patterns were a big focus of today’s math talk… Not surprising, as we have been learning a lot about patterns lately. I encouraged the students to think about other math topics, like shapes and numbers next time. For example: I see 3 bears sitting and 3 bears standing. I see 6 bears in total. As time passes, our Math Talks will grow in depth and breadth, as we learn about new topics and become more comfortable using our eyes and words to identify Math. 

Home Connection: Next time you are sitting in a waiting room, grab a magazine, find a picture and try having a Math Talk with your child. Start by saying: “Tell me about your Math thinking”. You will be surprised with what they can see!