I Have… Who Has…

Today, we played a new game to line up for recess. 

To play, each student was given a card. One student started by reading their card and lining up.

I have “the”, who has “is”?

 Then, the student with the corresponding card read their’s and lined up.

I have “is”, who has “red”?

and so on…

The kids LOVED and it was a great way to practise our sight words! 


3-D Figures

Today, in Math, we began to learn about 3-D Figures. We started by describing the difference between 2-D and 3-D shapes. 

To start our unit, we had to learn some important terms to help us describe the characteristics of 3-D Figures. Students learned these terms and then applied their knowledge by identifying how many faces, edges and vertices are on a cube.

Then, we found examples of cubes in our classroom.


Week One is Done!

Ahhh… Time to breathe! I always forget how hectic week one can be. 

Thank you to everyone for a successful transition into Grade One. This week, the students did a great job adjusting to their new classroom environment, rules and routines; Grade One is a BIG change from Kindergarten. This year’s group seems like a very strong and energetic bunch that LOVE to sing (really!… they break out into song multiple times a day!). I am very excited to learn more about the students and to continue our Grade One journey next week.

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Have a terrific weekend! 

Amazing Authors

Over the past two days the students have completed some writing tasks to document what they did over the summer and their first day of Grade One. Today, they created their “heads”  and hung them up with the writing samples. Check out our Amazing Authors board! Throughout the year the students will complete a “Story of the Month” that will hang on the board to show everyone their favourite events of each month.